This is my journey of learning Front End Web Development on my own for 1 year. I went from no prior programming knowledge to building some cool stuff. Still don’t have a job tho, hit me up if you need some cool stuff. Thanks for your time, more videos are on the way. I’d appreciate a sub! Resources that helped me: – CS50 from Harvard: // – FreeCodeCamp: // – The Odin Project: // – The Net Ninja’s JavaScript Course: // – Anthony Alicea’s Advanced JavaScript Course: // – Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s React Course: // About me: I’m a front end web developer who loves making videos. I mostly use React for my projects. My channel plan is to make some interesting websites and present them with entertaining videos. I’m planning on releasing a video per week but not sure if i can keep up with it. I’ll try my best tho! Social links of antisocial person: # Twitter: // # Instagram: // # Facebook: // #webdev #frontend #webdevelopment #coding