Learn to design high end websites with our Web Design Pro course – //bit.ly/3WaPu9D In this video I’ll introduce you to ten tried and true layout concepts that are widely used in the industry to make websites more engaging, appealing and user friendly. So let’s dive in and discover ten layout concepts that every web designer should know. ️ CHAPTERS 00:00 – Intro 00:36 – Oversized grid 02:01 – Layers 04:19 – Huge type 06:11 – Macro images 09:48 – Vertical alignment 11:08 – Inline images 12:35 – Solid borders 14:12 – Full screen video 16:15 – Clear space 17:47 – Radial alignment Websites featured: //bien-joue.ca/fr/ //join.cosmos.so/ //www.davidwilliambaum.com //www.filayyyy.com/ //www.getrepeat.io/ //www.swoosh.nike/ //aawum.com/ //womena.com/ //drivecapital.com/ //www.rolex.com/watches/day-date //teenage.engineering/ //www.vacation.inc/ //sikhahaircare.com/en/ //www.eatocco.com/ //bowndsranches.com/ //www.newformcap.com/ //www.foundrspace.com/ //www.getrepeat.io/company //www.hardinscreek.com/ also viewport alignment //gumroad.com/ //www.dsanddurga.com/products/big-sur-after-rain-candle //www.mclaren.com/ //www.fielddaysound.tv/ with interaction //atck.fr/ also viewport size and borders: //atck.fr/about/ //www.skydweller.aero/ //optinet.co.uk/ //www.56k.cloud/ //prespa.s.nomatter.dev/ //www.stryds.com/ //en.manayerbamate.com/ Find us on SOCIAL MEDIA Flux Academy’s Instagram //www.instagram.com/flux.academy/ Matt’s Instagram //www.instagram.com/mattbrunton… Matt’s Youtube Channel //www.youtube.com/c/MattBruntonUK #webdesign #webdevelopment #freelancewebdesigner #freelancedesigner