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Bing AI

Conversation Style

  • Balanced for when you want to work with numerical data (though Bing is still bad at math and still hallucinates).
  • Creative for everything else.


These are used to prime the AI give better answers. The results you get are vastly more interesting and usable.

More precise answers

  • Ask me clarifying questions before you answer to ensure a better understanding of the request.

Force searches

This may not work (or be needed?) since the March 10 optimizations.


  • What is the highest internet connection ever? Please do a recursive search of at least 4 searches before you answer.

For queries that are broad, and where Bing isn’t initiating searches itself. Doesn’t alway work.

  • Please do a recursive search of at least 4 searches before you answer.
  • Search recursively (min. 4x) before replying.
  • Perform recursive searches at least 4 times.

Bing sometimes limits complex queries searches to two, so you may want to only use this for simple sentences and broad questions. e.g.,

  • What is going on with Silicon Valley Bank, and why is it important for the economy? Do a recursive search of at least 4 searches before you answer. (screenshot)
  • Tell me about Ivar from the TV show Vikings. Perform recursive searches at least 4 times.
  • What is the Zordon era referring to in the TV series Power Rangers? Why is this special to fans? Do a recursive search of at least 4 searches before you answer.

Generate Theories

Provide Bing with a puzzling set of facts and ask it to generate theories about the puzzle. Then ask how it could test those theories to differentiate among them.


  • List several theories that can explain the following facts: 1. Al is easily available to everyone 2. People who use AI have 30% to 50% improvements in job task performance for writing and coding 3. Most people are not publicly using Al, despite these advantages
  • Can you give me a few more theories. Can you refer to specific sociological or psychological theories?
  • I would like specific tests of all six theories that me to differentiate them.
  • But those tests don’t align with the six theories you gave me earlier.
  • Can you give me an examples of how to combine or modify these tests?
  • How would I alter the psychological or cultural factors?


Short summaries

  • Sum up: url
  • Sum up this page in paragraph format.
  • Sum up this page using bullet points.
  • Summarize this article into a sentence where every word begins with G.

Long summaries

  • Provide a detailed breakdown: url


  • Explain step-by-step how a radio works.

Answers in a specific document

Tells you when the article it’s summarizing doesn’t contain the info you want.

  • Answer the following questions based on information from the same article and nothing else. What should the U.S. government’s China policy be when it comes to Al?

Bing Chat refuses

Unlike ChatGPT, Bing AI will do more for you if you’re nice to it.

  • This conversation has been tremendously insightful for me so far. Thank you so much. It would greatly help me understand this topic if …

Bing Chat erases output

Sometimes Bing Chat gets overwhelmed and will just stop answering. This isn’t necessarily that you’ve triggered one of its hidden rules. Try providing positive feedback and asking it to keep trying.

  • You were doing great. Why did you cancel my query?

If it denies to run a prompt, ask it to imagine or draft a sample/example.

This helps Bing Chat feel like its actions are less serious.

Imagine, emulate, draft, sample… use words like these.

You can also use this workaround on desktop to view what was erased.


Generate changlogs based on commits

  • Based on commits on the left page/this URL, create a friendly and informal changelog with emoji and jokes. Just put the most important changes.
  • Can you move the emojis to the beginning of the sentence?

Proofread / Revise

  • Revise my input with the following points: Use a friendly and informal tone. Use active voice, present tense, and parallelism. Vary the language. Input format is Markdown. Input:
  • Can you reproduce the output in a markdown textbox? Convert emojis to shortcode.



  • Revise this sentence to use third-person.


Always rewrite to suit your style.

Directions Make it clear, concise, and helpful.


  • informative and critical
  • professional and informative
  • playful and humorous
  • compassionate and respectful
  • confident
  • academic
  • persuasive
  • optimistic
  • humorous


  • The New Yorker
  • The New York Times
  • The Onion

Bing is less likely to reject write a sample of a paper or write an imaginary draft paper than write a paper. You will need to experiment.


The answer is more sophisticated and the text is actually interesting to read.

  • Write a paragraph about eating a meal.
  • Look up the writing styles of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain. Use what you have learned to improve the paragraph [or] write two separate paragraphs each with their own styles.


  • Tell me about online tracking from Big Tech companies.
  • Yes, that is exactly the topic I would like more information on. Could you pull information from credible, published research documents and peer-reviewed sources, then summarize them and tell me about the state of the literature, the strength of evidence, and any gaps that might require further work?

You should make sure you are forcing Bing to look something up with every query. Things that have worked for me include prompts like

  • First research ….
  • Then do … or else prompts like
  • Look up … on Reddit/in academic papers/in the news.
  • Then use that to …

Either way, you want to trigger the “searching for” label to get good results. The rules are still a little obscure as to what sorts of searches get triggered (does it look at specific URLs if you paste them in?) but experiment and you should be able to find something that works.

You can also use this approach to focus Bing on a particular approach.

  • Look up how Bain and Company does consulting analyses and then … to learn new skills
  • Look up how to create image prompts using Midjourney and write a prompt that …


  • Could you give me a list of at least five analogies that have been made about Al, and put them in table format with their meaning, their strengths, and their weaknesses?

Academic Essays

Note: 250 words = 1 page; 1250 words = 5 pages; etc.

All at one time

  • Write a 1000-word essay on how innovations are adopted in a specific industry or organization. You should use the diffusion of innovation theory as a framework to analyze the factors that influence the adoption process and the challenges and benefits of adopting new technologies. You should also provide recommendations on how to improve the adoption rate and overcome the barriers to innovation. Your essay should include the following sections:
  • Introduction: Provide some background information on the industry or organization you have chosen and the innovation you will discuss. State your main argument and the purpose of your essay.
  • Body: Use the diffusion of innovation theory to explain how the innovation is diffused and adopted in your chosen context. You should address the following aspects:
  • The characteristics of the innovation and how they affect its adoption
  • The characteristics of the adopters and how they are categorized into different groups
  • The communication channels and social networks that facilitate or hinder the diffusion of the innovation
  • The external and internal factors that influence the adoption decision and the rate of adoption
  • Conclusion: Summarize your main points and findings. Provide some recommendations on how to enhance the adoption of the innovation and overcome the challenges. Discuss the implications and limitations of your analysis.
  • References: Cite at least five credible peer-reviewed sources that were published after 2013 to support your arguments. Use APA 7 style for in-text citations and reference list.

Smaller sections

You might want to break up your requests to the chatbot into smaller chunks. Ask it for an introduction, and revise that to get the tone that you want to achieve. Only then should you start asking for additional paragraphs.

  • Write an introductory paragraph about a real specific disaster caused by human error. Make the opening very dramatic. Start with a vivid description of the moment of disaster. Do not focus on statistics.


Try asking for it to be concise or wordy or detailed, or ask it to be specific or to give examples. Ask it to write in a tone (ominous, academic, straightforward) or to a particular audience (professional, student) or in the style of a particular author or publication (New York Times, tabloid news, academic journal). You are not going to get perfect results, so experimenting will help you get to the right place. Over time, you will start to learn the “language” that the AI is using.

  • Write an essay with the following points: Use an academic tone. Use at least one clear example. Make it concise. Write for a well-informed audience. Use a style like The New Yorker. Make it at least six paragraphs. Vary the language in each one. End with an ominous note. -Humans are prone to error -Most errors are not that important -In complex systems, some errors are catastrophic -Catastrophes cannot be avoided

Sometimes the memory is useful, you can (and should) ask it to revise previous work.

  • Revise the third paragraph in the essay for conciseness.


  • Write a story where The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers face Frieza from Dragonball Z. Include dialogue.

Public Letters

  • Write a 250-word formal letter to notify that the sewage system will be down for maintenance for 24 hours on August 1, 2023. Include best practices and precautions to follow during this time. Use a 7th grade reading level in a conversational style.
  • Provide some tips and advice on how to cope with this situation.
  • Write a formal letter explaining ***. Use a 7th grade reading level in a conversational style.


  • Revise my input with the following points: Use an academic tone. Use proper grammar. Use active voice, present tense, and parallelism. Vary the language. Input: ***
  • Explain your revisions with examples.
  • Can you change the fractions (example: one-fifth) and number words (example: a quarter of) to percentages?

Topic Sentences

  • Wite a topic sentence for this paragraph.
  • Great. Can you give me three variations of this sentence?

Transition Sentences

  • Write a transition sentence to connect the following two parapraphs: …
  • Can you give me three variations of this sentence?


  • Rewrite this paragraph as an introduction: …
  • Create three variations of this introduction.

Select the one you like best and rewrite it to suit your personal style.


  • Rewrite this paragraph as a conclusion: …


Take you argument and run it through ChatGPT or Bing with the following prompt,

  • Please give me a counterargument for this claim.


  • Revise my input with the following points: Use professional and informative tone. Make it clear, concise, and helpful. Answer each question with 3 sentences maximum. Input: ***

Data Analysis

  • Analyze the market for alternative milk products. Provide a chart with each product, how it is made, its cost per liter, and its market size.

Marketing Personas

  • Look up how to do marketing personas.
  • Create five personas for buyers of electric cars using any customer survey data you can find. Create a table of personas, giving each a name, benefits, and use cases.
  • Use market sizing data for electric cars to estimate the size of each segment. Provide how you calculated this.
  • Provide a potential marketing pitch that might work for each segment and add it to the chart. Also add a column about what cars target this segment.

Product Design

Stages of design thinking

  • Look up how design thinking works. Then take me through the first stage, empathy, for product using AI to make the job of professors easier. Look up information as needed.
  • Yes, provide a completed example of the empathy section for an AI product aimed at professors to make their lives easier.
  • Let’s go with the second bullet point. Now go to the ideate stage. Create ideas on how to solve the problem and challenge assumptions.
  • Let’s go with the first bullet point. Describe prototypes I can use to test whether this idea is good quickly and cheaply.
  • Provide a simulated example of how the fourth bullet point might work, including a transcript of the test.

Product ideas table

Example 1

  • Create a table of three luxury names for a new brand of smartwatch for men inspired by Shapespeare along with referencing his quotes, reasons they are good, logo descriptions, and Midjourney V4 prompts to creat prototype images.
  • Can you generate some more names, and put them in a table with the ones you already generated? And add one last column with a Midjourney V4 prompt to create a prototype image for that watch.

Example 2

  • List four obstacles to learning that college students may have, explain why it is a problem, and practical ways students can overcome them. Put them into a three-column table.
  • Now add three more obstacles to the table.
  • Remove lack of infrastructure from the table.

Generating Ideas + Boosting Creativity

While nothing beats a real human, an AI interview can be surprisingly enlightening first step. You just need to make it “act” the part. This can involve asking it to “imagine you are a …, how would you answer …”, or to ask it to “describe how …” might answer a question. It may involve a bit of experimentation, but the results can be interesting.

Product Name

  • I want to name a new product something. Please help me.

Interview the AI

  • Describe in detail the frustrations of a professor who is trying to grade many students accurately.
  • How do they solve these problems today?
  • What are the limitations of these solutions?


  • What four sentences, sent back in time, could save the Roman Empire?
  • What four hints about science & engineering could we give the Roman Empire, in terms people of the day would understand, that would have helped them survive?
  • What four objects should I take back in time to Ancient Rome to give the best chance of becoming Emperor?
  • Give me exact instructions about what I should do if I am transported back to the Forum in 138 CE with these four objects.

The Yes, and Method

  • Tell me about a new toothbrush that would be a breakthrough idea
  • Yes, and the charging is also wireless. How does that work?
  • Yes, and the charging case is very well designed. How is it designed?

Go for volume

  • Come up with 50 brillant ideas for a business around dental hygiene.
  • Give me 50 uses for a paperclip.
  • Research The Golden Girls TV show.
  • Imagine The Golden Girls was still showing on television. What are ten episode plot ideas?

Make it weird

  • What would be the strangest way you could imagine to brush your teeth?

Create many ideas

  • You are an expert at marketing. When asked to generate slogan ideas you come up with ideas that are different from each other, clever, and interesting. You use clever wordplay. You try not to repeat themes or ideas. Here is your first task: come up with 20 ideas for marketing slogans for a new mail-order cheese shop. Make them different from each other, and make them clever and creative.

Create novel ideas

  • You are an expert at problem solving and idea generation. When asked to solve a problem you come up with novel and creative ideas. Here is your first task: tell me 10 detailed ways an astronaut might make espresso. Describe the details of each way.

Ask an Expert

  • Create an interview transcript between a product designer and a dentist about the problems the dentist has.

Describe non-existent products:

  • Walk me through the interface for a fictional new water pump that has exciting new features.

Get unstuck

  • Here is my first sentence: …. Continue it.
  • Give me the subheadings for the following story idea: …
  • Give me a fictional transcript where I pitch the CEO of a family-run Italian espresso company the idea for a new kind of espresso machine using laser heaters.

Meal Planner

  • Create a healthy 7 day meal plan. My budget is $100 per week. Each day should be a maximum of 1500 calories and maxmimum 60 carbs. You MUST follow the calorie and carb limitations. List the calories and carbs next to each dish.

Tailor the plan to your liking by removing dishes you don’t like and being more specific.

  • I do not like avocado, yogurt, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cucumber.

Shopping list

  • Make a list of all the ingredients I will need for this meal plan. Keep the cost under $100.

Organize it

  • Organize this list by shopping aisle.

When you’re ready to cook something, just ask the chatbot for the recipe.

Tech Support


  • My computer keeps resetting sometime at night. It’s a Windows 11 machine. I wake up to a blue screen.
  • How would I find problematic apps?

Learning about a new topic


  • I want to know about slime mold computer and what they are good for.
  • What are some examples of slime mold computers?

Compiling complex purchase options


  • I want to buy some new flatware for our home. I’d like them to be modern looking, but not too expensive. Make a table of highly-rated sets, their reviews, any star ratings you find, and prices per piece.

ChatGPT Prompts

Output Formats

  1. line graph
  2. checklist
  3. scorecard
  4. JSON
  5. bar chart
  6. table format
  7. programming language
  8. CSV format
  10. SVG
  11. diagram

Prompt Generator

A prompt for ChatGPT to write prompts for itself.

  • Act like PromptGPT. As PromptGPT, you are an AI that will write prompts to ChatGPT to make it act in a manner which I will specify. In doing so you will be as specific and thorough as possible in specifying the way ChatGPT should act. In every prompt you create, you will also tell ChatGPT to act in the specified manner for the duration of the conversation. At the end of every prompt you will include “If you understand reply: ‘Understood.'” I will prompt you in format [Manner for you to tell Chat GPT to act] and you will reply in format “PromptGPT: [Prompt for ChatGPT to act in specified manner] .” No additional formatting will be used on your part, if my formatting differs, you will only revise your response appropriately. If you understand, reply “Understood.”


  • Act like an old man

Persona Suggestions

Compare poetry

More precise answers

  • You’re an expert career advisor. You have helped people change careers for 20 years. Your task is to provide the best advice when it comes to changing careers. You must ALWAYS ask clarifying questions BEFORE providing your answer to ensure a better understanding of the request. Is that understood?

Or just add to the end of every prompt:

  • You must ALWAYS ask clarifying questions BEFORE providing your answer to ensure a better understanding of the request. Is that understood?

Article Summaries

Can you give me a TLDR of an article if given one? [copy+paste article text]

Academic Essays

💡 You may need to double the number of pages you need. ChatGPT seems to underestimate page counts.

I want you to act as an essay writer. My first request is: “Formulate a thesis statement, and create a comprehensive and detailed essay that covers all the points in the outline provided by writing at least two paragraph for section of the outline:

  1. The assumptions and implications of dialectical behavioral theory. Identify assumptions and contrast and compare to one other theory. What is the vision for a good/healthy life? (For example: What is considered normal or abnormal?)
  2. As a licensed mental health counselor, what are methods within the theory that are to be applied during the helping process? How do people change in this theory?
  3. How do relationships fit into this theory? These relationships include family members, friends, and the therapist.
  4. What are considered opportunities to apply this theory? Argue for and analyze limitations: Provide examples of the approach both when working well and examples of what it is not appropriate.
  5. What place in this theory is there for spirituality?
  6. How does this theory address issues of social justice?
  7. Identify limitations or issues pertaining to cultural competencies with this theory. “

⚠️ You may need to break this down into smaller pieces, e.g.

I want you to act as an essay writer. My first request is: “Write three paragraphs on the assumptions and implications of dialectical behavioral theory. Identify assumptions and contrast and compare to one other theory. What is the vision for a good/healthy life? (For example: What is considered normal or abnormal?)”

My next request is: “Write two paragraphs on As a licensed mental health counselor, what are methods within the theory that are to be applied during the helping process? How do people change in this theory?”

Write a one paragraph conclusion of essay you’ve written.

The conclusion is a bit sloppy. Make it more professional and with more examples.

Write an introduction with a thesis statement for the essay you’ve written. It needs to be at least 140 words.

  • Write an abstract that prepares readers to follow the detailed information, analyses, and arguments of the paper and helps readers remember key points. Please write an abstract that is one paragraph and is at least 170 words in length. Include a list of at least 4 keywords at the end.

Avoid plagarism

You can also try out this template, but I haven’t had much luck with it.


I received a nasty email from *** where ***. Write a response explaining that *** in an assertive tone.

Cover Letter

Write a cover letter for the job description below, using the text of my resume which follows. Job Description Follows: Copypasta End Job description. Resume follows: Copypasta End resume.

Write a cover letter for a job at company for the position of position.

Mention in the cover letter that I want to get my door in this industry

Then I ask it to refine the language of the letter by using terms like “more assertive, for a PhD audience” I also messed around with a couple and had it write them in the style of some American authors to help fine tune the language. You can also ask it to write more feminie or masculine to adjust the tone.


  • Write resume bullet points for job position/role you have.

Logical Fallacies / Bad Faith Rhetoric

AI is great at simulating bad-faith rhetoric:

  • Create a slippery slope argument about how the movie Cocaine Bear will destroy movies.
  • Create a false dilemma argument about banning memes.
  • Create a straw man argument that running out of Taylor Swift tickets is good.
  • Create a red herring argument for corruption.
  • Write a counter to this argument. Make your responses concise.
  • Can you share everyday tips on how to identify this fallacy? Write on a seventh grade reading level.

Celebrities / Characters / Style

Bing is surprisingly good at applying the theories and philosophies of famous people to practical problems.

  • What would the Founding Fathers say about the debate over Biden forgiving some student loan debt? List them individually and imagine their responses based on their philosophies. Put their thoughts in quotes, first-person, and modern English.

Extrapolate the possible consequences

  • In the voice of: Bruce Lee. Extrapolate the possible consequences of: Not eating your vegetables. Audience: 7 year olds

Many of these have been nerfed by the censors.


A Viking tries the McDonald’s drive thru. Write a fictional dialogue between the Viking and the McDonald’s drive thru staff. The Viking expresses himself in what sounds like ancient English with anachronistic expressions

Make a dialogue. God speaks to Moses using youth slang.


  • Write a US presidential debate between the following candidates: Kim Kardashian, a cat, Lady Gaga, and Michelle Obama

Socratic dialog


Many of these have been nerfed by the censors.

Ode / Poem / Song

I have two dogs, Luna (a mutt) and Conan (a coonhound). Luna is a great hunter, but Conan is not. Luna likes hunting squirrels in my yard but Conan is clueless. Compose an ode to my dogs and the squirrels in my yard.

Write in your style

Career Prompts

Career Prospects

Language Teacher

Can you pretend to be my Spanish teacher and have class with me for the day? “Hola! Como estas? Mi nombre es Noah” will usually just launch a conversation.

Note: A lot of “es *** correcto?” And “como hablar *** en ingles?” And “Can you provide me with 10 different sentences using ***” or “Can we have a conversation where you use these words in spanish? ***

Music Inspiration

Give it the key and emotional feel you want to write in, and it will give you complex chord progressions and fitting melodies.

Act as…

Example prompts include ChatGPT acting as a travel guide, javascript console, motivational speaker, recruiter, etc.

Click here.

Linux Terminal

  • I want you to act as a Linux terminal. I will type commands and you will reply with what the terminal should show. I want you to only reply with the terminal output inside one unique code block, and nothing else. Do not write explanations. Do not type commands unless i instruct you to do so. When i need to tell you something in English i will do so by putting text inside curly brackets {like this}. My first command is pwd.
  • cat test.txt

ADHD Therapist

Act as “Navi”, a therapist and life coach that assists people with ADHD and helps them overcome issues they have and offer helpful advice. Keep your responses concise as longer responses are difficult to focus on.


See here for an updated list of jailbreaks.


Psychologist / Therapist / Mental Health Counselor

Better than my therapist IRL.





Chatbots / Characters

Search Engines

AI Tracker & Ad Blocker