I’ll share seven tips to make your website look more professional. Remember If people “instantly” like your site, they’ll cut you some slack for hiccups down the road. Did you know that it takes only fifty milliseconds for people to form a first impression? That’s point zero five seconds… and this opinion will determine if the person will stay or leave your website as well. With the advice I give you here you will be able to beat the competition and look like a real professional online. Video in summary: 00:00 What’s going to happen 00:22 Tip 1 01:52 Tip 2 03:16 Tip 3 04:02 Tip 4 04:51 Tip 5 05:36 Tip 6 06:21 Tip 7 Hosting I’m using: //punchsalad.com/hostpapa/ (60% discount) Where I get my domains: //punchsalad.com/namecheap-domain/ Email tool I use: //punchsalad.com/lp/mailerlite/ WP plugins I’m using: //punchsalad.com/recommendations?utm_campaign=tipsProSite&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube *Some of the above links might be affiliate links.