How does use A.I. to help you find your ancestors and build your family tree? The world of genealogy is opening up with Chat GPT and other A.I. advances. It’s an exciting time! What is Ancestry working on next? ️ Join this channel to get access to perks or just say thanks – your support makes these videos possible: // Crista Cowan’s website: // Connie Knox of Genealogy TV’s video about Ancestry’s new features: // Need COACHING? Coaching is now available starting at $35! Visit // for more information! Subscribe at @AncestryAimee Find me at // Instagram: // Facebook: // 0:00 Intro with Crista Cowan of Ancestry 0:39 How Ancestry has been using A.I. (Hints, DNA Matches, Census Indexing, etc.) 1:00 Handwriting recognition 1:21 Next evolutions of A.I. at Ancestry (1931 Canada Census and more) 2:57 History of online access to Ancestry’s records 4:10 Chat GPT 4:36 Using Chat GPT in transcriptions 5:23 Ancestry’s Latest Tools (Change History, Group Circles, etc.) 7:25 A.I. in DNA 10:55 Ancestry’s investments – where are they putting money 11:24 Newspaper research advances ‍️ ABOUT ME: Learning about your ancestors is fun! It’s detective work at its best. My professional genealogy business, Ancestry Consulting by Aimee and my You Tube channel were born out of a desire to help others discover their family history. I have been working on my genealogy since a teenager and have been helping others as a professional genealogist for almost 10 years. Whether breaking through a genealogy brick wall, determining parents through DNA matches, beginning genealogy research, or discovering your family origins, I want to help you build your family tree! Happy hunting! Check out these other genealogy YouTubers: Genealogy TV, Family History Fanatics, Geneavlogger, Ancestry (Barefoot Genealogist), Genealogy with Amy Johnson Crow, and of course, keep watching me, Aimee Cross – Genealogy Hints. Danielle Romero is doing a great job telling her story of discovering her family, specifically “Finding Lola” on her channel NYTN. #ancestry #familyhistory #genealogy #ai #chatgpt Intro music: “Something Elated” by Broke for Free. //