This Monday MasterClass we’re looking at Minimalist design, the perfect combination of great aesthetics and speed. This episode covers a lot of valuable web-building information for all levels looking to learn about: Why use Minimalist design 00:17 What Minimalist design is 01:02 How to use negative space 03:05 Using text to a minimum and make it a part of the design 04:45 What to look for when selecting images 05:47 Establishing clear visual hierarchy 07:06 The Nielson Group’s F-Shape pattern 07:20 Using different types of symmetry, or none at all (“Broken Grid”) 08:16 How to create a good minimalist color palette 10:04 When to use Minimalism as a design concept 12:15 Read more about Minimalism and how to create great Minimalist web designs in the in-depth post featured in this edition of Elementor’s Online Magazine: // \ EXAMPLES USED in this MASTERCLASS (in order of appearance): ▸ WebNoord | // ▸ Shira Leffel | // ▸ We Ain’t Plastic | // ▸ The Digital Artisans | // RESOURCES USED in this MASTERCLASS: ▸ Examples of Modernist art from Wiki Art | // ▸ Examples of Modernist architecture from | // ▸ Google Chrome icon via Google. ▸ Nielson Group’s F-Shape pattern | // ▸ Monday Masterclass: How to Use Custom Fonts on WordPress | // \ Tools we used in this Masterclass: ▸ Architect Project Page template | // Get Elementor: // Get Elementor Pro: //