If you have good ideas for prompts but they seem to lack the detail required to make your art more interesting, there’s a new AI tool that can help.

ChatGPT is OpenAI’s latest dialogue-based AI chatbot capable of understanding and responding in natural language. It has recently taken the internet by storm.

There’s a lot about ChatGPT which is impressive, but one key aspect is that it is really good at generating creative and detailed text descriptions, something we look for when writing art prompts.

I recently wrote an article on prompt crafting titled The Anatomy Of The AI Art Prompt, and in it, I describe the four groupings I use when writing prompts:

  1. Content type
  2. Description
  3. Style
  4. Composition

But what if we wanted to elaborate on the description part of the prompt… adding more detail will lead to a more interesting and creative results.

So using the same initial prompt idea, I asked ChatGPT to add more detail:

So I added this description to midjourney with impressive results:

detailed prompt — made by author on midjourney

Let’s try a different one, what if my initial prompt was as follows…

an illustration of a viking sitting on a rock, dramatic lighting, wide-angle

It’s not a bad result, but let’s see how ChatGPT can add more to it…

The description includes detail such as long blonde hair, powerful muscles, thick and well-groomed beard, piercing blue eyes with fierce determination.

I added the ChatGPT description to the prompt…

An illustration of a viking sitting on a rock, dramatic lighting, The viking sat on a rocky outcropping overlooking the sea, his long blonde hair blowing in the salty breeze. He was a massive man, with broad shoulders and powerful muscles that rippled beneath his fur cloak. His beard was thick and well-groomed, and his piercing blue eyes gazed out at the ocean with a fierce determination. He was clad in heavy armor made of iron and steel, with a sword and shield at his side. His helmet was adorned with horns, and his boots were made of thick leather. He looked every bit the fierce warrior, ready to do battle against anyone who dared to challenge him. The viking sat with his legs crossed, one hand resting on the hilt of his sword and the other on the handle of his shield. He was at ease, but ready for anything. The ocean may have been vast and unforgiving, but the viking was not afraid. He was a master of the sea, and he would conquer whatever lay before him, dramatic lighting, wide-angle

Note that not all of the details were captured, such as his hand resting on a sword or his legs crossed. If I felt the sword was important, I could remix it with the description of the sword closer to the beginning of the prompt…

“An illustration of a viking sitting on a rock with his hand resting on a sword…”

Final Thoughts

Of course I can continue to ask ChatGPT for more information such as different lighting options, or illustration styles, or composition ideas.

ChatGPT is a great tool to research info, explore compositional ideas, or simply to get elaborate details, all of which is great for art prompting.

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