Link for accessing ChatGPT: // For those who don’t know chatGPT, it’s an Artificial Intelligence tool launched by OpenAI. You can use it for free to ask all sorts of questions and it will use the knowledge of the whole internet to create an answer for you in its own words. It’s impressive. It’s magical. So why don’t we use it to learn English? Let’s do just that. Think of it like a free personal English tutor who can guide you, correct you. Anytime. Anyday. Whenever you want it, it’s there. For free. Here are 10 ways you can use chatGPT for learning English: 1. Conversations Example prompt: “Create a casual conversation between two friends in English” ChatGPT will create a conversation for you and then you can then recite it and practise 2. Quizzes Example prompt: “Create an English grammar quiz for me” 3. Correct mistakes Example prompt: “Check the following text for English grammar mistakes. “I have went to the marketl”” 4. Beautify/simplify the text Example prompt: “Please beautify this English paragraph: “Ram went to the market. He bought a few fruits. He likes to eat mangoes.”” 5. Learn concepts Example prompt: “What is active vs passive voice in the English language? Please illustrate with examples.” Example prompt: “Teach me a few grammar rules of English” 6. Vocabulary Example prompt: “Teach me some English vocabulary words” Example prompt: “Give me synonyms for the word beautiful” 7. Advice and Tips Example prompt: “How should I learn to speak English?” Example prompt: “Create a study plan for me to learn English” 8. Lists Example prompt: “Create a list of English vocabulary words starting from letter V” Example prompt: “Create a list of daily use English idioms” 9. Translation Example prompt: “Translate “I have eaten mangoes” to Hindi” Or you can also do a Hindi to English translation. 10. Interview preparation Example prompt: “Create a list of Interview questions for me and write best strategies to answer them” Example prompt: “You are an interviewer, please take my interview” Caution: ChatGPT is pretty smart but it’s still new and a work in progress. So it could still make errors. Use it like a helpful tool/assistant, not as an authority figure or a master.