Part 2 of the Greenline web design challenge. (Part 1 with the top 5 and winner here: // This time we’re reviewing work from 3 more awesome Flux students and providing feedback so we can all grow and improve together. Submissions from: Nancy Peng Link to redesign: // Website: // Norm Thomas Link to redesign: // Website: // Valeria Nakushnova Link to redesign: // Website: // Learn more about the Webflow Masterclass and when we open enrollments here: // Sip Color Picker and Contrast Checker for Mac: // – Learn how to build custom websites with Webflow FAST: //​​​​​​​ – Find me on other social media platforms: Instagram: // Twitter: // LinkedIn: // – Gear & Book Recommendations: //​​​​​​​ #​​​webdesign​​​​​​ #websitedesign​​​​​ Thanks for watching the video!